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Uh yeah, we're Switchblade.

Beady:(frontman/vocals) Beady has single handedly mastered the 16 step over a period of time and is in the process of teaching the rest of sXb. She is responsible for singing in this band. She screams her lovely serenades of the hardships in life...she talks about her personal problems dealing with cutting herself, crying, moshing, her choices of being hxc, sxe, and vegan. she doesnt take bullshit so dont fuck with her...

Lavern:(bass) Lavern is the hardcore bassist in sXb. If sXb was a boyband she'd probably be called the heart-throb...shes one tuff mother fucker, previously in and out of gangs all the time. shes been shot 9times and has a trademark fighting technique, whipping out her switchblade. she gets into the most trouble on the streets but since the band started, shes been getting into less trouble as the time goes on, its good for her. She's definately hardcore and if your last name is Gaskill she'll bone you :)

DYKER:(guitar) DYKER has many facial piercings, this is why we chose her to be our hardcore guitarist. She writes all of our breakdowns suitable for moshing and/or twostepping...when she plays guitar the room lights up with emotion and everyone gets into it...shes very passionate about her breakdowns. dyker is probably the most energertic of all the members, she sure knows how to work the crowd and get them to beat the shit out of one another, how it should be in the bladeXcore industry.

Switchblade DVD comes out in May.
Action figures in June.

All lyrics written by Beady, cowriter when Beady has no ideas, Lavern.

We are the definition of HARDCORE.

(You can join this community, but only the band mates can post.)
ale, awesome breakdowns, beady gaskill, black hoodies, drum machines, dyker mahoney, girls, groupies, hardcore music, lavern jones, music, ourselves, sleeping around