Mark (ifistedyourmom) wrote in xxsxbxx,

Ello Ello Kids

So yeah, we've been really busy lately. We started on our second album last week. It's coming along nicely. Dyker has some RADICAL new breakdowns. She kills it man. Lavern has been coming up with a lot of new rhythms and such. Sometimes I wonder where she stores all of it. Ummm, I've been writing a lot. The new stuff is a little more personal than our last album. It wasn't REALLY like a CD anyway. It was more like a demo of some sort.

We've been taking a bunch of promotional shoots. Our second record should be out sometime in the fall. It'll be worth the wait. We're scheduled to play in Philly two weeks from now. It's kinda like a street show. So all of you should go. We're giving out free shirts and patches. And if we have any extra time we'll do autographs.

Ummm, here are some recent shots.




(That's it for now, look for us in Revolver and AP)

So yeah. I hope to see you all in two weeks and show your support on: BLEEEEED

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